Imagine a spectacular Hollywood western; a thousand head of long horn forging a river, not the Rio Grande but the Niger River in West Africa. Herdsmen from the Fullani tribe are forcing their cattle into an expansive width of water in a desperate quest of more promising grazing on the other side. The drought in the Sub Sahara that year was particularly devastating, visiting famine on both man and beast. Richard was documenting this crisis for USAID.

Fast forward 15 years, Richard and his assistant are quietly escorted into the corner office of a high rise in Boston's financial district. The assignment; photograph the CEO for the company's annual report. A week later, Richard and his assistant are setting up a backdrop in a dusty woodworking shop in an effort to reveal the craftsmanship required to replicate an exquisite 18th century harpsichord. More recently, Richard could be seen peering into a monitor tethered to his Nikon analyzing the lighting on an interior decorated according to Fung Swai principals. His designer/client labored for months detailing the room to achieve just the right effect.

For more than two decades, Richard has photographed a variety of subjects for as many different clients. The common thread running through his photography is a commitment to reveal the inner beauty of a subject in an honest, direct manner.

Richard began his profession with a solid education; after receiving a Bachelors degree from RIT, he rounded out his studies assisting several photographers in NYC. Among them such notables as Yousef Karsh and Arnold Newman.

When not assisting, Richard worked on his portfolio. Making the rounds of publishers eventually led to an assignment for Fortune Magazine. Within a year, he was photographing for other national publications. To date, he's worked for close to 50 magazines including; Architectural Record, Businessweek, Discover, Forbes, Inc, Institutional Investor, Modern Maturity, Money, Omni, Parade, Time & US magazines.

In tandem with magazine assignments, Richard has pursued corporate photography. A partial client list includes; AT&T, Bolt Berenak & Newman, Boston Consulting Group, Commercial Union, Harvard Medical School, IBM, Northeastern University, Pneumo Corp., Pfizer, State Street Bank & Texaco.

Several years ago Richard began making the transition from film to digital. Today he's shooting more assignments on digital than film. Whatever a client's needs, Richard has the eye, experience and finesse to consistently exceed expectations.

Contact Richard to discuss a project or simply to receive a CD of one of his portfolios.

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